how we found each other

Being a black-and-white couple we are often asked to tell the story how we found each other. Well, here is that story…

When Cor started preparing the newly bought 50 acre land in Namugongo it started with clearing the forest for which Namugongo was well known. Then he build the first block where he knew he was going to help some orphans. Soon the first group asked to be helped and it was then that Cor realized this was not something he could do alone since that first lot of children were all girls!

He asked his pastor Solomon Kato of Kampala Pentecostal Church (now called Watoto Church) to see if he could help him find someone to help him take care of these children. Less than a week later he told Cor he had an apllication for him. This person then soon turned up for interviews and was hired on the 1st of April 1992 but it was no joke at all! She started staying in the newly finished building in the middle of what was then still a bush! What courage!

Cor observed this you lady and the way she took care of these children. She sure had a heart for children and a love for the Lord. It did not take him too long to ask her if she would consider becoming his wife. She took some time to reply but thank God, she accepted and on January 22 1994 we decided to tie the knot.

The wedding took place in Kampala at KPC and the reception was at the Namugongo Children’s Village.

Our first girl was born on that same year on November 10 and we called her Evaline. She was followed by Joy on 19th Feb 1996 and Francis on 31st Oct 1997. Today, Evaline is married (Sep-2018) with Joseph Matsiga and has a daughter called Karah. Joy is studying law in Mukono at Uganda Christian University and Francis is doing pre-med at the St.Louis Misouri Baptist University.

We are very blessed!