This page is called ‘Home’ and you know what they say about Home, it is where the heart is. And our heart is here in Tororo – Uganda!

Since September 2006 Tororo is what we call home together. We moved here from Namugongo where we finished building the Namugongo Children’s Village together since the day we got joined together in Marriage on the 22nd of January 1994. More about that part of our life on this page…

When we moved to Tororo, we started that very year by purchasing what was to become around 35 acres of land where we wanted to start another Children’s Village under the now new organization¬† called Heart For Children.

Our three children were now in a primary school, ‘Maama Junior‘ in the neighboring town called Malaba where they had to get used to this rural standard in contrast to the school where they came from in Kampala called the Aga-Khan Primary school. Nevertheless, they also got used to the move and started enjoying life in Tororo.